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3 Tips from Wedding Couples That Will Help in Planning Your Day

Article by Fresh Wedding Ideas. It’s not easy being a planning bride given that there’s so much to consider for the ‘big day’. If you feel as if it is getting too much, then there’s some advice that might from those who have traveled the path that you’re on. In other words, other married couples […]

Last-minute Summer Wedding Planning Tips

Article by Fresh Wedding Ideas. If your summer wedding is just a few weeks away, you might consider these last-minute tips to enhance the ceremony and make your wedding stand out. Your guests would not even be aware that these were not planned beforehand. Purchase Parasols or Fans for the Ceremony Outdoor weddings in the […]

4 Indispensable Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding planning requires some valuable knowledge and information in order to have everything under control. With the amount of advices that are provided by friends and relatives, it might be hard to determine which tip is indispensable. The following list might come handy in finding that out. Guests Come First Coming up with the guest […]

3 Tips for Matching Bridal Dresses with Suits

Matching the bridal dress with the groom’s suit might not be so easy. The idea would be to go for subtle pairings rather than just plainly having the same color gown with the same material. The tips below might help you with that. Choose Your Wedding Theme One of the most popular choices in terms […]

3 Tips To Effectively Plan Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful tasks ever. It is all so easy to just forget an important detail or to encounter problems along the way. Starting with a clear plan might help you to gain a head start in your initiatives and might avoid some mishaps that are often encountered […]

Celebrate Your Wedding in Paradise

Written by Andys Rent-A-Car There are several factors that make the Cayman Islands a destination of choice for wedding celebrations. For one, the people are hospitable and welcoming. Another non-neglectable factor is that the islands offer great sights and sceneries and make for the perfect tropical island wedding destination. The list below breaks down factors […]

Choosing Your Wedding Veil

Veils are the ultimate and iconic bridal accessory. There are however, a lot of options available, making the choice of the right one quite complicated. These tips below might be useful in choosing the right one to complement your wedding dress. Find the Right Length Finding the right length will start with testing out several […]

How to choose your wedding venue

Finding your wedding venue is one of the first things you would be engaging in, apart from finding your wedding dress, of course. You might want to draft a guest list first to determine the size of the place you would require and decide on your theme so that you could evaluate whether the place […]

Choosing the perfect wedding dress

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the most anticipated moment before your actual wedding. Finding the right dress will require taking some time to browse around and try several dresses before taking the final decision. You might consider the tips below to guide you in your search. Define a budget Defining a budget would […]

Choosing your Wedding Bands

Whether you want something fashionable, classic or a blend of the two. Choosing your wedding bands something that requires your utmost attention. You might find the below tips helpful for you. Define a budget and start early Define a budget as per your wedding expenses and start your search early. Give yourself a margin of […]