Choosing your Wedding Bands

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Whether you want something fashionable, classic or a blend of the two. Choosing your wedding bands something that requires your utmost attention. You might find the below tips helpful for you.

Define a budget and start early
Define a budget as per your wedding expenses and start your search early. Give yourself a margin of two hours to carry out some research, browse for pieces and consider prices.

Consider form and functionality
Choose your wedding ring depending on your lifestyle and activities. If you are into sports or music, choosing a slim ring with rounded edges could be more comfortable. If you tend to perform more manual work, opt for a ring that is solid and not prone to scratches.

Look for quality rings
The sign of a good quality wedding band is the two marks that you find inside the band. The first mark denotes the manufacturer’s trademark and the second mark denotes quality. For example if you see 24K or PLAT, this is a proof of what the product actually is. Rings consisting of a blend of metals should have quality marks for each metal.

Choose the design
Choose a design that you know will stand the test of time and fashion. Since you would be wearing your ring on a daily basis, consider that it should match your everyday style. The ring should also match the most chic suit and the most casual of jeans.

To match or not
You might opt to match your ring with that of your partner or each can choose their style depending on your tastes. You can have one aspect in common such as the same metal or same engraving.

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