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3 Tips For Grooms To Consider For Their Wedding Day

Most if not all girls usually assume their wedding day to be solely theirs even if some groom think otherwise. Yet they aren’t able to conceive the fact that planning a wedding take a lot of creativity, effort, time and money. Of course, they aren’t the ones dreaming about their wedding day ever since they […]

Choosing your Wedding Bands

Whether you want something fashionable, classic or a blend of the two. Choosing your wedding bands something that requires your utmost attention. You might find the below tips helpful for you. Define a budget and start early Define a budget as per your wedding expenses and start your search early. Give yourself a margin of […]

What you need to know about Music at your Wedding

Music is one of the most important aspect of your wedding celebration. Depending on your budget, music taste and space available for your reception, the right music can be an asset to a great wedding party. Defining a budget Generally, a DJ would be less costly than a live band consisting of several musicians since […]

Tips for Selecting your Wedding Menu

Planning wedding menus is an exciting moment for you and your partner. Wedding menus can be of several types, ranging for a simple buffet to intricate five-meal courses with servers. Traditionally, a dinner at a table would be preceded by an hour of cocktail whereby hors d’oeuvres would be served. The dinner will then carry […]