Tips for Selecting your Wedding Menu

food2Planning wedding menus is an exciting moment for you and your partner. Wedding menus can be of several types, ranging for a simple buffet to intricate five-meal courses with servers. Traditionally, a dinner at a table would be preceded by an hour of cocktail whereby hors d’oeuvres would be served. The dinner will then carry three courses, the main course, an entree and a dessert.

The first course
The first course traditionally could consist of a salad arrangement made out of a blend of fresh fruits and vegetables or of grilled seafood, such as prawns.

The main entree
At the main entree your guest would be expecting a dish of meat or fish along with a starch such as potatoes or rice and vegetables. Vegetables can be grilled or glazed.

You might choose to serve your wedding cake as the only dessert or can opt for a separate dessert such as something fresh and light. Iced desserts would be pleasant for summer weddings.

Choose a wine as per the meat served in the main course and cocktails to complement the first course. A good dessert wine would also have to be provided for dessert. Include some non-alcoholic beverages for kids and people who do not consume alcohol.

Catering for your vegetarian guests
When planning out your wedding menu, consider the number of vegetarian guests and plan to have something consistent enough to make up a meal for them such as grilled portobello mushroom with crumbled feta.

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