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Wedding Transportation Tips

Whether you’re having a destination wedding, or a local wedding with style, transportation is always going to be an issue. Sometimes, especially in crowded cities like New York and San Francisco, parking can be a major problem. Other times, guests are flying in and won’t have access to a car. A shuttle bus is one […]

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5 hacks for a hassle free honeymoon

The reason why you take a honeymoon after your wedding is to relax. To get the most out of your honeymoon and to stay stress free, here are a few tips; Book early – It is recommended to book your honeymoon at least 6-8 months in advance. This will help you secure your airfare and […]

Planning A Grand Cayman Wedding

Written by Andy’s Rent A Car The Cayman Islands, particularly Grand Cayman constitute of a popular wedding destination due to the hospitality of its people and the breathtaking backdrops. Couples seeking exotic and luxurious weddings often opt for this location. If you are not very familiar with the island, planning your wedding might require some […]

Celebrate Your Wedding in Paradise

Written by Andys Rent-A-Car There are several factors that make the Cayman Islands a destination of choice for wedding celebrations. For one, the people are hospitable and welcoming. Another non-neglectable factor is that the islands offer great sights and sceneries and make for the perfect tropical island wedding destination. The list below breaks down factors […]

Cayman Island Weddings: Tips and Ideas for Wedding Cars

Written by Andys Rent-A-Car Beach weddings in Cayman Islands have something special that carves beautiful memories to couples and families. It’s the place itself, surrounded by beach landscapes, and gorgeous sunsets. On the big day, everyone anticipates a grand entrance on the bridal car. It’s all about creating a beautiful and magical moment as the […]

Planning a Honeymoon in Europe

By French Experience Certain traditions go along with most weddings. When you’re planning yours, you need to think about them in order to have the perfect matrimony start off on the right foot. In that regard, it’s hard to argue with adding a honeymoon to things. Not only does it serve as a celebration of […]