Planning a Honeymoon in Europe

By French Experience

Certain traditions go along with most weddings. When you’re planning yours, you need to think about them in order to have the perfect matrimony start off on the right foot. In that regard, it’s hard to argue with adding a honeymoon to things. Not only does it serve as a celebration of the vows you just took, it’s also a great way to spend time with your special someone after all the work you put into the wedding planning.

While there are countless options for where to go on your honeymoon, travel experts like Philippe Dardour have been recommending going to Europe for years. There are countless cities to enjoy, each of which has their own unique local flavor in terms of culture, attractions and good.

One especially popular destination is Paris. You could spend a lifetime exploring the city, but certain attractions absolutely have to be seen in person. For example, you may want to get a Paris museum pass so you can see all the exhibits as much as you want while you’re there. It’s a big enough museum that this affordable pass is totally worth it.

From Paris, you can take a flight to London, Rome, Brussels or any other city you may want to see.


As the name makes clear, French Experience is all about taking customers on an unforgettable trip that will leave them immersed in the culture and beauty of this beautiful country. Whether you want to go on Paris tours or see any other part of France, they’re the company to contact.

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