How to choose your wedding venue

Finding your wedding venue is one of the first things you would be engaging in, apart from finding your wedding dress, of course. You might want to draft a guest list first to determine the size of the place you would require and decide on your theme so that you could evaluate whether the place would suit the decoration, style and music you would want to have. The tips below might be useful in determining the right venue.

Enough Space

You might try to visit the venue when tables are set for another wedding reception with a similar guest list to yours. This would help you assess whether that is the kind of space you would like for your wedding.

Appropriate style

If you intend to hold an elegant wedding for instance, it might be more appropriate to choose an elegantly decorated hall with good dining furniture. Similarly, if you want a more modern decoration or intend to customize the place to fit your theme, you might want to opt for a place that is versatile and could easily be transformed.

Good acoustics

If music is an important part of your theme, you might test the acoustics of the place before signing. Generally places with a lot of echo or bad sound diffusion would offer a bad music experience.

Parking Space

Opt for a place where parking spaces are easily accessible so that your guests would not have to walk a long distance in their suits and heels to get to your venue.

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