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Prenups: Fast Facts

Do you need information on prenuptial agreements and are seeking the advice of a Long Beach divorce attorney? Prenuptial agreements, or “prenups” as they are commonly called, are written contracts entered into by both parties before a marriage. These agreements are intended to resolve the outcome upfront regarding the distribution of assets and wealth, as […]

Wedding Transportation Tips

Whether you’re having a destination wedding, or a local wedding with style, transportation is always going to be an issue. Sometimes, especially in crowded cities like New York and San Francisco, parking can be a major problem. Other times, guests are flying in and won’t have access to a car. A shuttle bus is one […]

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A toasting guide for the Bride and Groom

Article by Fresh Wedding Ideas. After spending countless hours planning your wedding, it’s time to get the wedding speeches ready. Some couples may wonder if they should give a toast at their wedding reception. One reason why wedding consultants recommend a toast from the couple, is mainly because the couple is the reason why everyone […]

Gift-Registry Etiquette for Money-Conscious Brides and Grooms

Wedding culture seems to have decided that inexpensive weddings are only good for the people bankrolling them. However, everyone can benefit from a low-cost wedding. Couples don’t want to strain or exclude their budget-conscious loved ones; here are a couple of ways to help everyone attend, worry-free. Flight of Fancy Destination weddings are often cost-prohibitive, […]

Choosing your flower girl

Article by Fresh Wedding Ideas. The role of the flower girl is to follow the bridesmaids holding a basket full of flowers, spreading them as she walks down the aisle. A flower girl is often an adorable little girl aged between four and eight and who might have a special link to the bridal couple. […]

Vintage Wedding Ideas

Are you planning to have wedding with vintage, classical or Victorian designs in mind?  These days, more and more couples are seeking to give their wedding a vintage look. The results can be very beautiful, friendly, intimate and offer an event remember. In this article, we will try to provide you some ideas to achieve […]

How Much Should You Spend On A Wedding Gift?

Almost every guest wants to know if there’s a particular amount that one should spend on a wedding gift. In the past, the thumb of rule used to be based on the price per plate – the amount that the couple is spending on you. However, all that’s changed now considering that the amount you […]