Wedding Transportation Tips

Whether you’re having a destination wedding, or a local wedding with style, transportation is always going to be an issue. Sometimes, especially in crowded cities like New York and San Francisco, parking can be a major problem. Other times, guests are flying in and won’t have access to a car. A shuttle bus is one method to get guests to and from, and chartering one is pretty simple too.

A charter bus typically charges by the mile, so you can factor in those costs, and the costs for any repeat trips to pick up additional guests, into your wedding budget. Simply calculate the distance to the venue, and multiply that by the gas price plus a few dollars. That’s a pretty good estimate of the cost, or at least a basis for negotiation.

An airport shuttle is nice for guests, and can be fun for the groom too, but the married couple will really want a limo for leaving the venue. Booking limousines can be one of the most fun parts of a wedding, especially if you’re paying for champagne perks and have a destination in mind.

If you’re planning to leave your local area on honeymoon, be sure you pack your bags ahead of time. Coordinate with your wedding planner to see how your bags will follow you to the venue, and make sure you have made time to change out of your formal dress from the wedding too.

Using this advice, you’ll book an incredible wedding with transportation accomodations for every guest.

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