5 Things nobody tells you about choosing your colors

htyweddingsChoosing a wedding colour palette, will give you a clear idea of what you should be looking for and give your wedding a theme. Here are 5 things nobody tells you about choosing your colours.

You will see your wedding colors and theme everywhere you look – Even if you are doing the most mundane task, your wedding colour palette will pop up everywhere. This is totally normal and it doesn’t mean you going crazy.

Your groom may care more about your colors than you think – You may think that your groom couldn’t careless about your theme, but you maybe surprised when he might be opposed to certain colours. This is a good thing, because this means your wedding will look like the two of you.

Inspiration boards will not always help – Inspiration boards on pinterest or online are great to give you ideas, but they can make you second guess your decisions. Get inspiration and then set dates on when you plan on reaching a decision on the details of your theme.

Pairing your colors with real detail is harder than you think – Colour palettes and inspiration boards are great to give you direction, but finding items in real life can be difficult. Try to find vendors who can provide you with a few details for your vision and ask them to pair it with other details that match your colour pallette.

Your wedding style doesn’t define you or your marriage – Even if your wedding doesn’t plan out exactly as you’d hoped, your wedding is not a reflection of you or your marriage. The main thing is that you enjoy your day together with your family and friends.

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