Pros and Cons of a buffet style wedding meal


Article Written by : Daily Makeover Beauty Board

Most couples are often confused if they should opt for a sit down or a buffet style meal. We’ve all been to those wedding receptions where you have to stand for hours to serve your dinner. But we’ve also been to wedding receptions that offer sit down meals, were your meal is cold or not to your liking. Here are the pros and cons of offering a buffet style meal at your wedding reception.

The pros

  • Your guest get to taste a wide variety of food and can serve themselves as they please.
  • Your guests wouldn’t be stuck in their seats for the entire event and would get a chance to mingle with guest from other tables.
  • Buffet style meals are cheaper than sit down meals, as they require less staff for serving and clearing.
  • Food can be offered hot to your guests.
  • Guests have a longer time to enjoy their drinks and mingle with other guests without having to worry that they have missed a course or that their meals are getting cold at their table

The cons

  • A buffet area takes a lot more space. Therefore if your really tight on space, you will have to lessen the number of guests you invite.
  • A sit down dinner has a sense of elegance, especially for older folk who prefer to stay in one place.
  • At a buffet you can’t really play with plating and dazzle your guests with your menu choices.
  • The tables at buffet events can get messy, since staff don’t always clear all the used plates and cutlery as soon as guests are done with them.

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