How to cool a wedding tent

Summary: We can’t control the weather, and hot weather can ruin an outdoor wedding. However, you can use portable cooling to keep your guests comfortable. First, provide a drawing of the tents to the vendor, ask them to set up hours before the event, and make sure they position the equipment to so as not to take away from the setting.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It should also be memorable to everyone who attends. Unfortunately, one element that we cannot controls is the weather, and when you have an outdoor wedding, would you want to risk the comfort of your guests? Fortunately, you can use portable cooling to solve any potential cooling crisis.

The first step is to finalize the details of the wedding reception. You will need a drawing of the proposed marquees and tents. Any inaccuracy here will directly translate to either a lack of cooling or excess equipment. This is why you only approach vendors with confirmation once the details are locked down.

Ensure that the agreement includes a provision for delivery, installation, and testing of the equipment several hours before the event. Arrange for delivery as soon as soon as you have access to the venue. This will reduce potential issues and give the vendor time to fine-tune the setup. The temperature inside the tent should be comfortable, but not to the point of people feeling cold.

Another important point is to tell the vendor that the equipment should be clean and should not be visible inside the main tent. The last thing you want, after spending a considerable amount of money for every part of your wedding, is to have equipment that takes away from the setting.

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