How Much Should You Spend On A Wedding Gift?

Almost every guest wants to know if there’s a particular amount that one should spend on a wedding gift.

In the past, the thumb of rule used to be based on the price per plate – the amount that the couple is spending on you. However, all that’s changed now considering that the amount you should spend depends on your relationship to the couple.


Think about it: the wedding gift is not your ticket to admission to the wedding nor is it a financial exchange but instead a gift. A gift that signifies how fond you are of the couple who are beginning a new Life together.


But is there a figure that one can come down, depending on the relationship you share with the couple?


Yes. Here is a list of figures that you can refer to and are safe enough to not embarass yourself when buying a gift::


#1: Boss or Coworker


$75 to $100. You’ll be seeing them everyday and it might turn out to be a working relationship that will last for a lifetime.


#2: Neighbor or Casual Acquaintance

$50 to $75. You can spend a little more if you want but that should be enough.


#3: Friend or Relative

$100 to $125. Of course, the amount is a bit higher considering the fact that these are people you love and want to celebrate their big night with.


#4: Close Friend or Close Relative

$100 to $175. Spending a bit more is advisable as they will cherish the present that you bought 20 years from now and the thoughtfulness that you showed.

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