Top 3 Wedding Money Wasters

It’s always every girl’s dream to have a lavish (read as: dream) wedding but let’s accept the fact that there are certain expenses that is wasteful and can be avoided.

With that said, here are a few money wasters that most brides wish they hadn’t spent their money on:

#1: Pointless (and expensive) Wedding Favors

Most wedding favors usually end up gathering dust and some of them are plain weird. For example, who would want a frisbee with their friends’ wedding date on it.

Instead of wasting money on pointless wedding favors such as these, why not give away food favors or a box of your favorite chocolate?

You can be sure they’ll remember your day fondly when they’re eating the selection of food or chocolates you’ve packed for them.

#2: A large-than-life Wedding Cake

If you invite only 50 people, it doesn’t make sense to buy a wedding cake that is for 300 people, right?

It doesn’t make sense to take this approach and while a big cake might be impressive, a smaller cake can be charming enough.

Of course, if you want a tall cake, then ask your baker to add fresh flowers between the layers or use a cake topper.

#3: Too Many Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

It only makes sense in the situation where you have a large wedding party but even then nominating unnecessary bridesmaids and groomsmen means expenditure that can run into hundreds of dollars. And this is even if you aren’t paying for their attire.

Also, it starts to look a bit annoying to have too many of these bridesmaids and groomsmen and will resemble that of a wedding army, if you will.

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