Vintage Wedding Ideas

Are you planning to have wedding with vintage, classical or Victorian designs in mind?  These days, more and more couples are seeking to give their wedding a vintage look. The results can be very beautiful, friendly, intimate and offer an event remember. In this article, we will try to provide you some ideas to achieve such a goal.

Do you still have some living grandparents?  If so, how about going to their place and sift through boxes stored in attics in search of “treasures.”   For example, you may find  embroidered scarves, pearl necklaces, brooches, etc. If so, you may want to use some of what you find or get ideas to do similar designs for your wedding.

Let’s start with the vintage wedding dress. There are several alternatives:

  • The most romantic option is undoubtedly to wear the dress your mother or one of your grandmothers wore.
  • If you wish to wear a real vintage dress and you do not have one in your family, then you must buy or rent a used dress.
  • If you prefer new clothes,  there are many brands of vintage-inspired designs available.

As you know, vintage wedding accessories are also essential. In fact, if you choose a new dress you can get an authentic vintage style by choosing the right accessories:

  • Wear the same veil or mantilla as did your mother or grandmother.
  • Lend some vintage jewelry from your mother or grandmother.
  • Go for a Baroque hairstyle.
  • Choose a bouquet of romantic style and add a cameo to decorate everything.

To decorate your vintage wedding , you can get inspiration from baroque style.

  • Start by sending vintage wedding invitations with embossed ribbons.
  • The meal can be served in dishes decorated in gilt and crystal goblets of Bohemian.
  • For the decoration of the dinner, use chandeliers, gilded frames of recovery with wedding photos of your parents or your grandparents.
  • For the final touch, you can surprise your guests arriving at the church on an authentic vintage wedding car.

Finally, for more ideas search online for pictures of others who may have had similar vintage weddings.

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