A toasting guide for the Bride and Groom


Article by Fresh Wedding Ideas.

After spending countless hours planning your wedding, it’s time to get the wedding speeches ready. Some couples may wonder if they should give a toast at their wedding reception. One reason why wedding consultants recommend a toast from the couple, is mainly because the couple is the reason why everyone has gathered together. The couple’s toast, can give their guests a sense of appreciation for taking the time and effort to be present on their special day.

Is it a must?- if you’re a Bride or Groom who is not comfortable talking in public, it’s best to avoid a toast. For one, it’s your day and you don’t want to be obsessing about a speech, instead of enjoying your day.

But, I get nervous- A little anxiousness can be a good thing, since it will bring about a sense of excitement. Remember to breathe and practice a few times.

How do I start?- The best way to engage the crowd is to make them laugh. You could start off with a funny story of how you two met or a dating mishap.

What should I say?- Make it no more than 2 or 3 minutes long. Make sure you thank your immediate family, your wedding party and the Bride/Groom. Stay away from inside jokes that the rest of your guests wouldn’t understand.

Should I have a drink?- If a drink would help you loosen up, then have one or two. But remember not to get too intoxicated as this may make your speech boring or worse inappropriate.

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