Gift-Registry Etiquette for Money-Conscious Brides and Grooms

Wedding culture seems to have decided that inexpensive weddings are only good for the people bankrolling them. However, everyone can benefit from a low-cost wedding. Couples don’t want to strain or exclude their budget-conscious loved ones; here are a couple of ways to help everyone attend, worry-free.

Flight of Fancy

Destination weddings are often cost-prohibitive, with few opportunities to cut corners. Loved ones may face discount airlines and sketchy motel bedding to attend; for some it may simply be too expensive to even consider. This can lead to hurt feelings on all sides. Consider a location few would have to fly to, or schedule a “home field” reception for friends who could not go.

Rest Easy

There are other ways to help loved ones attend without breaking the bank. Placing low-cost, high-value gifts on your registry can help. Guests are hoping to help you and your partner start a new life, so choose options that give a lot of functional bang for their buck. Bed in a bag sets are one such option; they often include pillowcases, shams, bedskirts, sheets, and a comforter, all designed to work together.


Many Hands

It’s also appropriate to list a more expensive alternative if you have made sure guests know they should feel free to collaborate on gifts to share costs if they wish. Following our example above, you could select more luxurious designer bedding as an alternative for several people to give as a group. Guests will be excited to contribute important fixtures to your new life, and a little mindfulness can make your wedding even better.

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