Choosing your flower girl

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The role of the flower girl is to follow the bridesmaids holding a basket full of flowers, spreading them as she walks down the aisle. A flower girl is often an adorable little girl aged between four and eight and who might have a special link to the bridal couple. She might be related or is the daughter of a family friend. Generally, you might want to avoid choosing a girls below the age of four. She might get scared or confused with so many people watching her.

Preparing the Flower Girl

If you have only one flower girl, she might feel a little nervous about her role. To avoid this, you might want to speak to her beforehand in the presence of her parents to explain her role and how she should be behaving. On the wedding day, you might ask her parents to sit at a place where she would be able to see them so that she will not feel lost.

Choosing the Flower Girl’s Dress and Accessories

The Flower Girl’s dress should be in harmony with the bride’s dress or should contain an element of the bride’s dress or the wedding theme. You could seek the help of the girl’s parents in choosing the right dress. An important accessory that would be required for the flower girl is a flower basket. You could choose to have an embellished basket. Your flower girl might also wear a pair of gloves and wear a hat. The idea is to get your flower girl to be as cute as possible.

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