Celebrate Your Wedding in Paradise

Written by Andys Rent-A-Car

There are several factors that make the Cayman Islands a destination of choice for wedding celebrations. For one, the people are hospitable and welcoming. Another non-neglectable factor is that the islands offer great sights and sceneries and make for the perfect tropical island wedding destination. The list below breaks down factors to consider for a successful wedding celebration in the Cayman Islands.

Venue and Date

The choice of the venue would depend on the style that you wish for the ceremony and on the number of people on the guest list. The islands offer a good selection of smaller resorts for intimate wedding celebrations or five-star venues for larger groups and budgets. The high wedding season on the Cayman Islands ranges between end of December up till the middle of April in the next year. The months of May until November are usually avoided as these constitute of the hurricane season.

Wedding Planning

There are several wedding planners or vendors on the island. Depending on the location you have opted, you might be offered the services of an organizer or wedding planner who would be able to liaise with other professionals such as bakers, florists and photographers to ensure the success of the ceremony.


To ensure the transportation of your guests and yourself to and from the wedding venue, it might be more cost-effective to look for rental cars in Grand Cayman. Your guests would thus be able to stay at the ceremony till late.

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