What you need to know about Music at your Wedding

wedding turntableMusic is one of the most important aspect of your wedding celebration. Depending on your budget, music taste and space available for your reception, the right music can be an asset to a great wedding party.

Defining a budget
Generally, a DJ would be less costly than a live band consisting of several musicians since you would have more people to pay. Depending on the time of the year (if it is peak wedding season for example), the prices of bands and DJs could vary.

Type of music
The type of music will define the kind of atmosphere that you will get. Groovy or funky music will add some fun to the atmosphere and prompt people to dance. A string quartet could be good for an elegant and classy wedding. The type of music you choose would depend on the theme of your wedding.

Blend the music
Ask for the band or DJ to play a blend of several music style such as country and rock music. The music needs to have moments of fast and slow pace as well as integrate older tunes and new songs to let the guests feel included.

Consider your venue
Keep in mind whether the place where the reception would be held will be able to accommodate the band or DJ that you choose and their equipment. Ensure that there would be enough power supply and that your guests would be able to enjoy a large dancing space.

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