Last-minute Summer Wedding Planning Tips

Article by Fresh Wedding Ideas.

If your summer wedding is just a few weeks away, you might consider these last-minute tips to enhance the ceremony and make your wedding stand out. Your guests would not even be aware that these were not planned beforehand.

Purchase Parasols or Fans for the Ceremony

Outdoor weddings in the months of June until August can be particularly harsh for your guests. You might wish to provide fans and parasols for them to protect themselves from the heat. The parasols can also be used as accessories after the wedding for a creative photoshoot.

Welcome Guests with a Refreshing Drink

During summer, a refreshing drink would be most appreciated by your guests. You could consider offering refreshing drinks such as iced teas or even cocktails right before the ceremony. This would keep your guests happy under the sun. You might think about mentioning this to your caterer to give them time to organize.

Cool Down the Dance Floor

Iced washcloths are great accessories to allow your guests to cool down after the dance floor. You might consider buying small cloths and asking your servers to pass them around when guests have finished dancing. Plenty of cool drinks can also be made accessible directly from the dancefloor.

Bulk Up on Bug Spray and Citronella Candles

There is nothing quite unpleasant as having bugs and mosquitoes at your outdoor wedding reception. You might consider stocking up on bug sprays and offering citronella candles to your guests for their own comfort. Torches can also be lit if the venue allows for it.

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