Choosing Your Wedding Veil

Veils are the ultimate and iconic bridal accessory. There are however, a lot of options available, making the choice of the right one quite complicated. These tips below might be useful in choosing the right one to complement your wedding dress.

Find the Right Length

Finding the right length will start with testing out several veils. You might want to try out a veil right at the time of dress fitting to determine which length would look better with your gown. The length of the veil would need to complement your silhouette and not break up the flow of your look. Some designers make the veil along with the dress model, so you might want to start right there. The length would also depend on the look that you will be going for. For instance, short veils such as blushers, birdcages or bandeaus are more suited for informal or edgy looks. On the contrary, long veils such as chapel and cathedral styles ones are more formal and traditional. Generally longer veils tend to be more flattering.

Color and Fabric

Color blocking is to be avoided at all cost when it comes to veils. The veils and gown color would need to be perfectly matching. If you already have a dress and not the veil, you might want to bring a swatch fabric along when you go veil shopping to avoid any color mismatch. For fabric tulle would likely be a classic choice. Other fabrics such as lace, silk and satin can also be considered depending on the look you are going for.

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