3 Tips for Matching Bridal Dresses with Suits

Matching the bridal dress with the groom’s suit might not be so easy. The idea would be to go for subtle pairings rather than just plainly having the same color gown with the same material. The tips below might help you with that.

  1. Choose Your Wedding Theme

One of the most popular choices in terms of bride and groom attire pairings would be to dress with the season. For fall, you could opt for a theme in yellow and orange tones to match the colors of the autumn leaves. For summer weddings brights colors or pastels look better.

Modern wedding themes, however, do not just go according to the season. Peculiar themes such as heavy metal music, Gaelic-styles or movie-themed ones are becoming more widespread. As such the theme would have to be selected first before moving to the choice of the bride’s dress.

  1. Choose the Bridal Dress

Once the decision regarding the theme of the wedding and the corresponding colors are sorted out, the bride’s dress would have to be found. For instance, a vintage dress would not really go with an 80s wedding or a grunge one. The bride would also have to look for accessories that would bring an instance recall on the theme of the wedding. For instance, a rockstar wedding cannot be complete with a few black accessories.

3 Pick a Complementary Suit

Now it’s the turn of the groom to look for a suit and to find small components that would match both the theme and the dress of the bride. Some popular options are when it comes to the choice of the undershirt, boutonniere, bowties or vests.

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