3 Tips from Wedding Couples That Will Help in Planning Your Day

Article by Fresh Wedding Ideas.

It’s not easy being a planning bride given that there’s so much to consider for the ‘big day’. If you feel as if it is getting too much, then there’s some advice that might from those who have traveled the path that you’re on.

In other words, other married couples who have done it all, right from the wedding reception to their honeymoon.

Having said that, here are 3 tips from couples that have pulled off a wedding day to remember:

#1: Do a ‘First Look’

One of the best things that couples’ admitted they did was to meet each other in a secluded space before the event and all its preparations. It helped them feel the emotion and let the moment sink in too. Anyways, no matter what happens, why this matters is because the most important thing is remembering to choose what is right for you as a couple.

htyweddings#2: Avoid the Mistake of Wanting Perfection

While this event expresses who you are, it’s isn’t everything you are going to be. Remember that. And in saying that, some of the best moments’ in a number of couples’ weddings have turned out to be unanticipated ones. While certain mishaps might cause messiness on your special, just keep in mind that perfection is an illusion and one must always accept the unexpected.

#3: Share Something Personal and Unique with Your Guests

In one instance, a couple read an excerpt from The Lovely Love Story and which turned out to be a real hit with the guests. Not only did they end up lovely Facebook Wall posts but it also gave the cinematographers something to work with given that they are really storytellers.

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