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Tips to help you find the best wedding gift

Shopping for a wedding gift can be stressful as you don’t want to give the couple something that they wouldn’t use. Here are some simple tips to help you to find the right wedding gift. Cover the basics – If you want the couple to use your gift everyday look at buying casual living and […]

4 Wedding Planning Suggestions Even If You Aren’t Engaged

Article Written by : M Beauty Cream Now, if you’ve been together for some time and it feels like both of you might end up in a committed relationship, it’s time to start planning for your wedding. This is regardless of whether your boyfriend has popped the question or not. Yes, it doesn’t matter even […]

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3 Tips For Grooms To Consider For Their Wedding Day

Most if not all girls usually assume their wedding day to be solely theirs even if some groom think otherwise. Yet they aren’t able to conceive the fact that planning a wedding take a lot of creativity, effort, time and money. Of course, they aren’t the ones dreaming about their wedding day ever since they […]

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3 Things That Will Shock You On Your Wedding Day

If it isn’t obvious, your wedding day won’t go as smoothly as you imagine. There are a few things that can go wrong even if you’d like for it to be perfect. It’s only natural that this happens. Here are 3 things that can shock you on your wedding day: 1: Have a Bathroom Plan […]

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3 Pieces of Wedding Planning Advice That Actually Work

There’s plenty of wedding planning advice over the Internet. Either these are people who are being paid to write stuff with advertisements around them. Or they haven’t planned a wedding on their own. For the most part, it’s impractical be it saving money on the buffet or even the decorations that you’ve seen on Pinterest. […]

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4 Benefits of a Beach Wedding

There are a number of reasons why a beachside wedding can turn out to be a wonderful experience. However, there are unpleasant surprises that can knock the wind out of your sails if you aren’t prepared. Yet this shouldn’t stop you from planning one because there are several benefits to a beach wedding. Here are […]

5 Sensible Rules of Wedding Planning

Family can prove difficult when planning a wedding. They never make a fuss when it has to do with normal things. Like picking an apartment or even grocery shopping. This pertains to the choice of life partner too. They wouldn’t make that much fuss. But when it comes to weddings, they act like kids who […]

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Planning a Wedding in the Caymans

Written by Andy’s Rent-a-Car Your wedding day is supposed to be one you remember for the rest of your life. Obviously, the most important part is that your loved one says “I do” and everyone enjoys themselves. However, most couples also want the perfect location for their wedding. They know that if they have the […]

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3 Tips from Wedding Couples That Will Help in Planning Your Day

Article by Fresh Wedding Ideas. It’s not easy being a planning bride given that there’s so much to consider for the ‘big day’. If you feel as if it is getting too much, then there’s some advice that might from those who have traveled the path that you’re on. In other words, other married couples […]

Last-minute Summer Wedding Planning Tips

Article by Fresh Wedding Ideas. If your summer wedding is just a few weeks away, you might consider these last-minute tips to enhance the ceremony and make your wedding stand out. Your guests would not even be aware that these were not planned beforehand. Purchase Parasols or Fans for the Ceremony Outdoor weddings in the […]