Tips on how to work with a wedding hairstylist

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Your wedding day is not the time to tackle a hairdo all on your own. To look your best on your biggest day, it is advisable to seek help from a professional.  Here are some tips on how to work with a wedding hairstylist.

Come prepared – If you’re working with a new hair stylist, they will have no idea about your personal tastes. Therefore, it is best to come with photos that you have collected from magazines, which feature hairstyles that you would like to try. If you have a particular neckline you will be wearing on the day, where a top or a dress with a similar neckline to understand how your hair will look on the day.

Document it – Take pictures of the hairdo after the stylist is done. Make sure you ask the stylist to take finished looks from all angles. If she/he is using particular products, make sure you note down what products she/he has used.

Know how to hire – Decide on how long you will need the stylist to be with you. For example, would you need the stylist to be with you until the end of the event for any touch ups? This will greatly depend on your budget, since the longer the stylist is with you, the more they will charge.

Time – Note down how long your hairstyle will take. This way you will know exactly when you should start styling your hair on the day. This will ensure that your style will stay put throughout the ceremony.

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