Five things that will probably go wrong on your wedding day

htyweddings-jan-2017Article Written by : My Cherry Pop

Having a perfect wedding is something that all brides strive for. However, it is important to be realistic and understand that your day will include some things that will not always go as planned. It is better to prepare yourself in advance to make sure that you enjoy your day regardless.

Someone will be late – Often wedding events will include some people running late. Try not to take it personally, instead ask someone to contact them and check on their arrival times, especially if they are an important part of the day.

The ceremony won’t be perfect – Although practicing your ceremony will reduce mistakes, they may not completely avoid them. You may notice someone miss a sentence, pronounce a name incorrectly or the musicians may be off key. Instead of getting angry or stressed, just smile and laugh it off, your special day should be more important.

Someone won’t show up – Although people promise to attend and RSVP, they may not show up on the day.

Something will get lost – With the craziness of getting ready, things can get misplaced. Just make sure to place as many valuables in a safe or lock them in your room.

Someone will do something embarrassing – With the festivities on the way, people may drink too much and say or do the wrong thing. Instead of sulking about it, shrug it off and enjoy your day.

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