3 Pieces of Wedding Planning Advice That Actually Work

There’s plenty of wedding planning advice over the Internet. Either these are people who are being paid to write stuff with advertisements around them. Or they haven’t planned a wedding on their own.

For the most part, it’s impractical be it saving money on the buffet or even the decorations that you’ve seen on Pinterest.

Here are 3 pieces of wedding planning advice that actually work:

htywedding1: Ask Yourself: Who cares?

Remember that this party that everyone is coming to is to celebrate your Life. One way by which you’ll know which arrangements matter or don’t is to ask yourself whether the guests really care about them or not. Just focus on the bigger picture – for example, the dancing, food and the other main arrangements of the party. No one cares about trivial details that you might obsess about.

2: No such thing as a perfect dress

You’re not perfect and nor is the bridegroom either. We live in the world of reality and not of Platonic ideals. Pick a dress that you like and within your budget and get moving towards the next task. Don’t let the dress shopping drag on forever and until the last minute.

3: Google Docs is All You Need

While some people will have a number of things to help them keep track of wedding preparations, all you really need is Google Docs. While a number of people might not have gotten a hang of the internet just yet, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t use it for your own purposes.

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