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How to give the best bridesmaid or maid of honor speech?

When you are a member of the bridal party, you may be asked to give a speech on the newlyweds. If the thought of speaking in public makes you want to run and hide, here are some tips to help you create a speech or toast that will honor the bride and groom and get […]

5 Wedding photography mistakes

Your wedding photos are important since your photos are what you will look back on to remember your day. To ensure your wedding photos look their best, here are five wedding photography mistakes to avoid. Not finalizing the wedding day schedule – A finalized copy of your wedding schedule should be sent to the photographer […]

6 Tips to plan your wedding on a budget

Weddings can be costly, and if you are a couple on a small budget, you may feel overwhelmed by the expenses you have to incur. Here are some tips on planning a wedding on a budget. Avoid guest list bloat – Instead of inviting everyone you know, look at creating a list of invitees that […]

Five things that will probably go wrong on your wedding day

Article Written by : My Cherry Pop Having a perfect wedding is something that all brides strive for. However, it is important to be realistic and understand that your day will include some things that will not always go as planned. It is better to prepare yourself in advance to make sure that you enjoy […]

Tips on how to work with a wedding hairstylist

Article Written by : Fancy That Jewelry Design Your wedding day is not the time to tackle a hairdo all on your own. To look your best on your biggest day, it is advisable to seek help from a professional.  Here are some tips on how to work with a wedding hairstylist. Come prepared – […]

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6 Secrets of happily-married couples

Communication is the key to transitioning from wedding bliss to wedded life. If a marriage that is built on trust is what you are looking for, then it is important to note that everyone communicates differently. Therefore, it is vital that couples communicate in a happy, healthy manner that leaves both parties feeling safe, respected […]

Tips to help you find the best wedding gift

Shopping for a wedding gift can be stressful as you don’t want to give the couple something that they wouldn’t use. Here are some simple tips to help you to find the right wedding gift. Cover the basics – If you want the couple to use your gift everyday look at buying casual living and […]

How to Sell Vintage Jewellery

Article by Christian Jewelry. Vintage engagement rings have a certain appeal to them, but they can be considered old fashioned if your wardrobe is decidedly modern. Sometimes, your tastes just change. If you have some rings, earrings, bracelets or other forms of jewellery you don’t wear anymore, then you might consider selling some of them […]

How to cool a wedding tent

Summary: We can’t control the weather, and hot weather can ruin an outdoor wedding. However, you can use portable cooling to keep your guests comfortable. First, provide a drawing of the tents to the vendor, ask them to set up hours before the event, and make sure they position the equipment to so as not […]

Tips for Sizing an Antique Ring

Whether you inherit estate jewellery, or you’ve found the ring of your dreams, if it’s an antique then your options are somewhat limited when it comes to re-sizing. Don’t give up all hope yet, there are still a few options to consider. As always, talk with your local jeweler and see what they can do […]