Don’t Be Afraid To Wear Your Vintage or Antique Rings Out

Your vast collection of jewellery does not have to remain hidden out of fear for its condition.

If you’re the proud owner of either antique or vintage engagement rings, don’t lock them up and shut them out of society, flaunt them proudly. These rings are elegant and sophisticated enough to be worn at an upscale party, a museum gala or even a beautiful restaurant. No matter the case, vintage rings undoubtedly look stunning with the right outfit.

A Word Of Caution

On the contrary, it would be wise that you save your vintage or antique engagement rings for formal events as you wouldn’t want to sport them while gardening or doing any strenuous physical events. Remember, these rings have withstood the tests of time, and at any moment they could shatter unexpectedly with enough force. Even light weight objects can cause severe damage to your prized possession. Keep this in mind as you’re performing basic household duties.

How To Store Your Ring

Temperature controlled environments are best suited for older-aged rings. Sustained periods of extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, may tarnish or damage certain materials on the ring as well. Don’t mistake this for short spurts of temperature changes. For instance, there won’t be an issue if you have custom jewellery from Toronto shipped to Texas, unless the box is mishandled or the item is wrapped incorrectly.

The Bottom Line

Antique or vintage rings are beautiful additions to any vanity or collection. With proper care and maintenance, you’ll be able to sport your rings without having to worry too much about jeopardizing its condition. Additionally, their value correlates to their condition. The best way to determine its worth is through professional consultation. Knowledgeable jewellers such as Cynthia Findlay, owner of Cynthia Findlay Antiques, will provide you with detailed information.

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