Tips for Sizing an Antique Ring

ring-sizerWhether you inherit estate jewellery, or you’ve found the ring of your dreams, if it’s an antique then your options are somewhat limited when it comes to re-sizing. Don’t give up all hope yet, there are still a few options to consider. As always, talk with your local jeweler and see what they can do for you as well.

Resizing is Usually Possible

You should be able to resize vintage engagement rings that are made of real metals, the challenge comes in finding some of those materials. For a variety of reasons, American jewelers tend to make 14k gold the standard for jewellery design. Cynthia Findlay Antiques, located in Toronto, offers rings in 9,10,14,18 and 22kt. This is more what you’ll find around the world as well.

So, if you need a ring re-sized, you may need to put some effort into finding a jeweler that will work with the metal you need to use. However, there may be a limit to how high you can go. Your jeweler can tell you at which point they believe the metal may be compromised, which would destroy the look of the ring.

Other Options

You’ve inherited a beautiful Edwardian ring that is small on your finger, and not really your style. What do you do? You can have the metal melted down to create your favorite design based on art deco rings. You can even use different gemstones, and save the original placements for some other project.

This way, you keep the sentimental value of the ring, and you get something you’ll actually wear.

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