5 Ways to save on your wedding cake

htyweddings-novArticle Written by : Square Room Records

Wedding cakes can be expensive, but you may still want a particular cake from a specialty baker, although it is well above your budget. Here are a few tricks and tips to save on your cake.

Order a small display cake – If you have a particular design that you want for your wedding cake, make it a one or two tier cake for display and cutting. For your guests, you can organize a sheet cake that can be cut and served at the back.

Keep it simple – A simple cake will always cost less. Therefore, look for wedding cake designs that you love, but have fewer sugar flowers and less tall tiers.

Reduce the number of flowers (or choose real ones) – Sugar flowers take a long time and many hours of work. Therefore choose a design with one large flower or opt for real flowers instead.

Be resourceful with your cake display – Most bakers will give you a cake stand that you will have to return after the event. However, if you want to add to your display, choose to change the linen, add candles, flowers or confetti to your cake table instead of on investing on a new cake stand.

Serve smaller slices – If your wedding meal has many sweet courses, you can cut back on the slice of cake you serve. Let your caterer know that they should serve three-quarters of the usual slice. If you have a buffet, you could ask your caterer to place cut pieces on the dessert end of your buffet table.

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