How to plan an engagement party

htyweddingsOrganizing an engagement party can be a great way to share your good news with your extended family and introduce the families to one another. Traditionally the bride’s family throws the engagement party. Modern engagement parties are sometimes thrown by the couple themselves or expenses are split by the couple’s families. Five things you should keep in mind when hosting an engagement party are;

Give it some time – Try not to schedule an engagement party within the first month of getting engaged. Give yourself at least 3 to 4 months after the question is popped, to give you time to envision your wedding event. This will influence what type of engagement party you would like to plan.

The size of your wedding – If you decided to host an engagement party, all guests at this event will have to be invited for the wedding. Understanding the size of your wedding will help you gauge the size of your engagement party.

Consider your in-law’s style – Yes, a hard one. But since this event is to create connections with your soon to be extended family, consider their style. If your in-laws are more laid back, a formal dinner may not make them feel comfortable.

Gifts – Traditionally not a gift giving affair, but for those who do, you could provide guidance by, requesting gift vouchers from a specific store.

You still have a wedding to plan – Remember that you don’t want to plan an event that will upstage your wedding. It is also important not to spend too much of your energy planning this event since you do have to plan a wedding.

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