4 Bridal Shower Gift-Giving Tips

htyweddings july 2016Making sure your gift is memorable at a friend’s bridal shower is important to every guest. Here are 4 bridal shower gift giving tips that will make you stand out from the crowd.

What to Spend – It is important that you spend as much as you can afford. Generally a gift between $25-$75 is an acceptable price range. If this is out of your budget, a homemade gift, like a crocheted afghan or a photo album is a good idea. Your relationship with the bride should be your guide on how much you should spend.

Etiquette – Do you need to give a shower gift and a wedding gift? Unfortunately the answer is yes. The shower gift is for the bride and the wedding gift is for the couple for when they begin their life together.

Shopping Strategies – The bridal invitation will give you an idea of the gifts requested, if a bridal shower gift registry has not been mentioned, use the event/theme as a guide. For example, if the invitation states a bridal tea party, this is your chance to buy something girly like lingerie. You could also relate your shower gift to your wedding gift. For example a set of hand painted chopsticks with a couple of rice bowls, could be followed with a wok.

Faux Pas Alert – Remember that a bridal shower gift is different from a bachelorette party gift. So save the raunchy stuff for the girls night out.

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