How to give the best bridesmaid or maid of honor speech?

When you are a member of the bridal party, you may be asked to give a speech on the newlyweds. If the thought of speaking in public makes you want to run and hide, here are some tips to help you create a speech or toast that will honor the bride and groom and get rid of the nervous butterflies.

Take it seriously – Always embrace the task of giving a speech and give it the grace and maturity that it deserves. Remember to put in some honest thought into the process and to make your speech funny, charming and appropriate.

Don’t procrastinate – It is best to write your toast at least three weeks before the day to give you time to brainstorm. Give a copy to someone you trust, to edit your speech.

Cover all our bases – Express how happy you are to be part of the wedding and thank the couple for letting you be part of their special day. Include a special memory or a joke, that everyone can understand. Adding a quote or words of advice is a good way to encourage the couple to take on married life. Finally, conclude by raising a glass to the couple.

Pick an appropriate quote – If you choose a quote make sure that it is relevant to your message.

Find your style – If you are a funny person by nature, look at adding your personality to your speech. On the other hand, if you are more sentimental and poetic, look at a speech that brings out this aspect of yourself.

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