5 Wedding photography mistakes

Your wedding photos are important since your photos are what you will look back on to remember your day. To ensure your wedding photos look their best, here are five wedding photography mistakes to avoid.

Not finalizing the wedding day schedule – A finalized copy of your wedding schedule should be sent to the photographer at least two weeks in advance. A clear schedule will help the photographer understand the best time of day to take your photos.

Not sticking to the finalized schedule – Delaying one event on your wedding schedule will delay the entire event. Therefore, make sure you stick to scheduled times and include a lot of wiggle room between each event.

Letting relatives get in the way – Relatives will want to take their photos, but if they take photos while your wedding photographer is taking his, it can be very distracting for the couple and the photographer. Look at organizing a separate space for the couple and immediate family to take shots, before the festivities commence.

Not explaining how you like to look in photos – Beauty is very subjective, so let your photographer know what you want and provide sample images so that they can get a feel and theme of the photos you like.

Focusing too much on taking photos – Focusing too much on taking photos will make your photos look unnatural. Ask your photographer to capture moments that portray a story.


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