What an Art Deco Ring Says About Your Personality

Written by: Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Summary: Bold, confident, radiant. These are some embedded qualities that art deco ring owners possess.

Art Deco rings blend both elegance and strikingly high contrast. Known for their fashionable styles, they still remain a popular option for buyers today.

Selecting a certain style that matches the owners’ personality is a must. Their ring needs to speak for themselves, especially when it comes to engagement rings. The bold Art Deco style is not for everyone though, and some people will settle for more calm vintage engagement rings that have a more serene look to them. There is a confident radiance about these rings that, when compared to other styles, are in a class of its own.

Your personality can show when wearing a certain type of ring. Whether it is confidence, outgoing, or originality, they are all striking attention-grabbers. This being said, women with a strong personality tend to favor the Art Deco ring. The high contrasts and bold designs on this ring are perfect for an outgoing personality. It’s one of the many things that stand out on women when worn.

This is not to say that only women with a confident personality look into Art Deco inspired rings. Perhaps other traits of their personality shine through when they wear a ring of this stature. Authenticity and uniqueness are two that come to mind.

There are plenty of beautiful Art Deco inspired rings that are still available today for purchase. A perfect addition to your jewellery collection, these timeless rings can be worn or used as a striking display.


Bio: Cynthia Findlay Antiques is a Toronto-based jewellery company that sells everything from beautiful antique engagement rings to high-quality modern jewellery.

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