Tips for Getting the Best Custom Engagement Ring

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques.

Finding the right engagement ring for your soon-to-be wife is a challenge for many men. It’s one of the most important decisions that a man will have to make but it’s not something that most men know a lot about. In some cases, finding the right ring is easy: people whose partners love retro fashions, for example, can feel comfortable buying vintage engagement rings. But many other men struggle finding the perfect ring for their partners.

One solution to this is to have a custom engagement ring made for your partner. Providers of custom jewellery in Toronto such as Cynthia Findlay Antiques can help you to design the perfect engagement ring at an affordable price. In order to make the process simple and flawless, here are a few tips for getting the best from your custom engagement ring:

Get Clues for the Style: Take a look at your partner’s wardrobe or how they decorate their living space. This will give you a strong sense about the type of design that will work for your custom engagement ring.

Find Ways to Communicate With the Jeweller: It can be difficult for non-experts to communicate exactly how they want a custom ring to look. Don’t be afraid to bring the jeweller images of non-ring examples of what you want the ring to reflect. This can include famous paintings, pieces of architecture of even scenes from nature.

Feel Comfortable With the Designer: Give yourself plenty of time to get comfortable with the designer of your custom engagement ring. You need to know that they share your vision and trust that they can execute a ring that flawlessly represents your ideas.


Cynthia Findlay Antiques is one of the largest retailers of estate jewellery in Toronto. Along with vintage items, Cynthia Findlay Antiques can also design and create custom jewellery for any occasion.

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