Hidden Facts about Buying Sheets

Written by BeddingStyle.com.

When it comes to comfort in your bedroom, one of the best places to start is with high quality sheets. You’ll spend your nights and mornings wrapped in your sheets, so why not make sure that they are as luxurious and comfortable as possible? Here are a few tips to help you make sure you are getting the right sheets at the right price:

Designer Sheets: If you are purchasing designer bedding or novelty bedding (think bedding with special prints on them) there’s a decent chance that the thread count might not be what you expect. Most designer or novelty sheets have thread counts of around 200 to 300. This is typically less than the standard thread count of 300 to 500. The same is true for many sheets you will find in a Bed in a Bag.

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Kids or Adults?: Think about who will be using the sheets that you purchase. For kids or guests spending a night or two, lower quality sheets with a thread count of around 250 should be fine. You can save the higher thread count sheets for yourself.

Opting for Luxury: The highest quality bedsheets are luxury sheets. These often have thread counts of 800 or higher and are made from high end fabrics such as Egyptian cotton.

Care When Washing: As with other forms of bedding, sheets will become softer after being washed a number of times. This is a good option if your sheets feel a little too stiff for you to be happy when sleeping on them.

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